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Kings Elementary 905 Winthrop Street - Brooklyn, NY 11203 - 347-390-0460
Kings Collegiate 1084 Lenox Road - Brooklyn, NY 11212 - 718-342-6047

A Typical Day

Students arrive for breakfast between 7:15 and 7:45. The day officially begins at 7:45. Students are greeted by the Principal at the front door of the school and shake his hand before entering.

Students then head to their homerooms and get prepared for their day by studying for upcoming tests or reading their independent reading books. Students then attend 3 classes before lunch. After lunch, students attend either guided reading or book club where they spend 30 minutes reading in small groups with a teacher. After that students attend their three remaining classes and then head to enrichment. Twice a week, students also attend fitness classes in the morning or afternoon. From there, students go to afternoon homeroom to pack up for the day. Students dismiss at 4:05.