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Kings Elementary 905 Winthrop Street - Brooklyn, NY 11203 - 347-390-0460
Kings Collegiate 1084 Lenox Road - Brooklyn, NY 11212 - 718-342-6047

Enrichment & Athletics


At Kings, we have six hours of academics every day to prepare student for college, but we are also preparing well-rounded individuals through our enrichment and athletics programs. Throughout the year, students participate in their enrichment for one hour each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. Students will have three different enrichment classes throughout the school year. 


During the 2016-2017 school year, Kings will offer enrichment classes for the arts, sports, and academic interventions. Some of these classes include Art, Hip Hop, Step, Spanish, Chess, Yoga, Mixed Sports, Intermural Basketball, and Homework Intervention. Kings will also have athletic teams for Flag Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, and Soccer.


The Kings Collegiate Basketball, Volleyball, Flag Football, Step, and Soccer teams have won several championships in the Uncommon Schools league since the school’s beginning in 2007. We look forward to a great year for our athletic teams.